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Hi, I’m Allison …

And I’m on a mission to help you heal from the past, thrive in the present, and build a God-inspired future.

Hi, I’m Allison …

And I’m on a mission to help you heal from the past, thrive in the present, and build a God-inspired future.

Heal. Thrive. Build.

Too many people are stuck- either burdened by past wounds and current stressors or unsure how to move forward toward the abundant life they, deep down, know God is calling them to live.

If you’re feeling this way and are ready to heal from the past, thrive in the present, and build a God-inspired future, allow The Raphael Remedy to be a guide and come alongside you in this journey through our free resources, podcasts, articles, and network of Catholic therapists and life coaches.

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8 Keys to Emotional & Spiritual Freedom

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8 Keys to Emotional & Spiritual Freedom

Learn how to take control over your life, get emotionally centered, and live with more purpose.

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Live a Life of Purpose & Joy: How a Catholic Life Coach Can Move You From Ordinary to Extraordinary

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Live a Life of Purpose & Joy: How a Catholic Life Coach Can Move You From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Ready to move from ordinary to extraordinary and live a life of joy and purpose? Get access to this free ebook.

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What Every Catholic Should Know Before Starting Therapy

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What Every Catholic Should Know Before Starting Therapy

Considering going to therapy but not sure what to expect? If you’ve never seen a therapist, or even if you have in the past, this free guide will help you make an informed decision.

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About Allison

I’m Allison Ricciardi and I’m the Founder and Director of The Raphael Remedy.

Let me start by telling you that I’m a believer. That means that I believe in God and that I also believe in the goodness of all of His creation- people especially, being His crowning achievement. I also believe that God put into nature all that we need to be healthy and happy.

I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in practice since 1990- which is a long time! Over the years I’ve worked with many individuals, couples, and families and what I’ve learned is that most people are more normal than they think they are. Really.

The goal of Catholic Therapists is to help those seeking therapy and coaching, or even those just seeking to learn more about the emotional life, to find professionals who are Catholic and faithful to the magisterium of the Church. We also provide psychological information that is consistent with Catholic Church teaching.

In whatever area you’re looking to magnify your God-given gifts and potential, whether it’s a relationship, business, health and wellness, leadership, or general life coaching, our faithful Catholic coaches are here to serve and guide you.

Latest From the Blog

May 17 2023

You Won’t See the Hand of God if You Focus on the Fist of the Enemy

You won’t be able to see the hand of God, if you focus on the fist of the enemy. Having anxiety about the future is common and understandable…but exactly what Jesus...
Apr 12 2023

Three Simple Steps to Navigate these Turbulent Times

What does it actually mean to acknowledge God, and be a sign of hope and how can we know the next right step?
Mar 15 2023

The Goal of Lent

As we journey through Lent, we focus on penances, almsgiving, and fasting. The obvious goal is growing in holiness, by gaining mastery over self, freeing us from our...
Feb 15 2023

Maintaining Hope When Things Seem Hopeless

LMHC Allison Ricciardi discusses ways to maintain hope when things seem hopeless. It’s more than simply waiting for feelings to kick-in. You can be proactive.
Jan 11 2023

The Video That Got Me Banned on YouTube

LMHC Allison Riccardi shares a lesson of the importance of not supporting platforms that violate our First Amendment rights to free speech—especially when there are...
Dec 14 2022

The Power of Hospitality. The Grace of the Unexpected.

There’s power in hospitality. Don’t underestimate the impact your welcoming attitude, decorations, and preparations can have on those you share the holidays...
Dec 01 2022

Does privacy exist anymore?

Technology provides entertainment, communication, learning environments, and even safety but what about your privacy?
Nov 16 2022

Where have you put your hope?

It’s easy to become bitter, vengeful, and to yield to fear and anxiety. But don’t let evil people turn you into a person you don’t want to be.

Latest From Raphael Remedy TV and Radio

May 24 2023

Ep. 188 Accomplishing More by Committing to What Not to Do

In today’s videos I offer some tips for getting organized and getting control of your life. One thing that helps is committing to what not to do!
May 17 2023

Ep. 187 Success Boils Down to Three Things

No matter where you’ve come from, success is possible in whatever you are called to.
May 10 2023

Ep. 186 Living Your Values Can Transform Your Life

By living according to your values, you can transform your life and the world around you.

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