The Raphael Remedy

About Us


At The Raphael Remedy, we believe that God has a plan for every human being.  No one is conceived by accident in God’s economy.  Our lives on earth can be very complicated since we are living in a fallen world.  But because Christ came and redeemed the world, our futures are filled with hope.  Everyone has their “battle scars” from growing up and in this hectic world too many of us can’t find our way to the happiness God has planned for us. We need some guidance to achieve it.

We believe that the teachings of Jesus Christ, as revealed through Holy Scripture and through the teaching authority and traditions of the Catholic Church offer us the greatest wisdom for understanding human nature and that the Sacramental life of the Church is the best aid in healing emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds and greatly enhances physical wellness as well.

We combine sound psychological expertise and techniques with this Christian philosophy to heal the whole person and get to the root of whatever is causing distress or holding you back from living a full and happy life.

We also believe that God has put into nature all the things we need to live healthy lives physically and that our physical and emotional health are intimately connected and dependent on each other.  After all it’s hard to be happy when you’re not feeling well…and it can be hard to feel well when you’re depressed, anxious or worried.

Our Catholic approach does not mean that you must be a practicing Catholic to benefit from our services.  We work with people of all faith traditions, or no faith tradition.