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Where is God in the Storms?

Where is God in the Storms?

We’re certainly living in a frightening time—with monster hurricanes, earthquakes, and wild fires consuming a good portion of our country. Our nation is also in a moral storm of epic proportions. Where is God in all of this? It’s an age-old question and a great challenge to faith for many.

Blundered Again!

Blundered Again!

All of us has done the wrong thing – either from bad judgment, ignorance, a misunderstanding, or from just plain carelessness.   Regardless of the reason for the blunder, it always produces a result that we do not want. What are we to do when we make a blunder?...
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Who is St. Raphael?

"God commissioned me to heal you...I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who enter and serve before the glory of the Lord." ~ Tobit 12:14-15

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