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Biblical Roots of Essential Oils

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Podcasts

There are natural, God-given benefits of herbs, oils, vitamins, and other natural aids to healing.  This natural medicine should not be completely lumped into the New Age category.  Yes, some companies do represent these oils in an inappropriate manner… But oils are entirely accepted in Catholic teaching and scripture.  It all started in Genesis, where right from the very beginning of the creation story, plants and herbs are mentioned.  In fact, the Bible mentions essential oils, their uses, and/or the plants from which they are derived over 500 times throughout the Bible.  (Both Old and New Testaments.) We need to have common sense and realize that these oils provide us with scientific resources that are just as useful for us now as they were then.

Listen to this podcast of Allison Ricciardi on Relevant Radio’s ‘The Drew Mariani Show’ as Drew and Allison discuss the Biblical roots and health benefits of Essential Oils.



(Allison is 2nd guest on radio program and discussion begins at -25:20 mark.)




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