The Raphael Remedy

Spirituality & Healing

Ep. 59: How To Stop Blocking Your Blessings

Are you blocking your blessings? Many people do. In this video Allison Ricciardi, LMHC outlines the 5 ways we may be blocking our blessings and what you can do about it.

If you need help getting unblocked, you may benefit by talking to a Catholic Therapist. Check out to find someone that can help you both spiritually and psychologically to remove the obstacles in your life.

Ep. 56: Can the Wrong Moves Get You to the Right Places?

Can the wrong moves get you to the right places? Let’s face it, we screw up sometimes…and sometimes in a big way! But can God do anything with our mistakes?

Nothing is ever definitively lost with God…we have to trust and let Him repair the damage we’ve done. Too often we get stuck in regret and fear…but here’s a prayer to give it over to God and allow Him to bring good even from our mistakes.

Ep. 54: The Tremendous Power of Those Penance You Don’t Choose

It’s a wonderful thing to do penances…but sometimes we can get attached to the penances that we choose. Often those we don’t choose can have an even bigger impact.

We need to learn to live in the Divine Will. Servant of God Luisa Picaretta, teaches us through the messages she received from Jesus about the coming Era of Peace, aka the Kingdom of the Divine Will.