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How Your Doctor’s Last Lunch Can Impact Your Health

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Wellness

My husband makes fun of me when I recount childhood stories because they all revolve around food. I hadn’t realized it ‘til he pointed it out. I remember the rice at my cousin’s wedding when I was twelve – in a brown sauce with mushrooms (ick) and water chestnuts. Water chestnuts! Simply unforgettable.

I have a fond memory of my father coming home from the office with these great chewable vitamins when I was little. They had two super smooth layers, orange and yellow, and were absolutely yummy! My mother had to store them above the refrigerator so we wouldn’t eat more than we should – they were vitamins after all, not candy (although the candy was there too so not sure what was up with all of that…) They were shaped like fish and to this day I have no idea why. It was way before fish oils became popular.

But I digress.

An Unending List of Choices

Now, if those vitamins were really good for us or not, I don’t know. The pharmaceutical rep would bring in such samples and doctors would hand them out (like candy). Probably back then it posed less harm, but that business model portended a bigger problem for you the patient, particularly today.

With the explosion of new drugs hitting the market, there seems to be an unending list of choices to treat a wide variety of conditions. The problem though is that every drug has some side effects. And the scary little secret is that prescriptions are often written based on the last perk gifted by the pharmaceutical rep. Lavish lunches are frequently catered for the doctor and his staff, season tickets to sporting events, limousine services and a plethora of other pleasures are proffered by pharmaceutical companies to encourage doctors to write scripts for their drugs.

Most doctors don’t have the time or inclination to research these new drugs and their potential side effects and dangers before prescribing them. They often prescribe based on the sales pitch literature produced by the drug manufacturer.

This may sound cynical but if the name of the game for pharmaceutical companies is to sell medications – and lots of them – then actually curing people doesn’t seem their best strategy now, does it?

Just watch late night TV to see how many class action suits you can join against drug manufacturers for the injuries and deaths caused by their products. As outrageous as it may seem, many companies do the math, and the amount that may be paid out by potential lawsuits are simply a cost of doing business that pales compared to the profits being made by releasing drugs quickly.

So, where does this leave you, the patient in all of this? Certainly, some drugs are necessary in some cases and I don’t mean to impugn the entire medical and pharmaceutical industry. There have been some miracle drugs that have helped people and saved lives for sure. But the indiscriminate and overuse of medications, (especially new medications without reliable track records) as a first line defense is causing a major health crisis that the mainstream media refuses to cover. And this applies to our emotional as well as our physical health.

Maintaining Your Self-Healing Machine

God created our bodies as self-healing machines. Our immune systems are designed to repel foreign invaders and regenerate sick or injured tissues. Boosting our immunity is critical to overall good health long term. But thanks to poor diets, pollution, pesticides, heavy metals, an endless list of food additives, and high levels of stress, the average person’s immune system takes a sucker punch that many struggle to recover from. Sadly, modern medical training largely omits natural and nutritional approaches so most doctors lack this basic knowledge. In medicine today, symptom management wins over healing foundational issues most of the time. As diseases and disorders present, too often patients are simply given more drugs to manage those symptoms in a never-ending cycle of suffering and frustration.

What many don’t realize is that our compromised physical health impacts our emotional health as well. Diet, food additives, and pesticides wreak havoc on gut health that can lead to significant emotional disorders. Hormonal imbalances can occur due to chemical toxicity that also affects our emotional state. Addressing diet, adding natural supplementation, and using essential oils can have a positive impact in remediating many root problems and/or can help manage symptoms without the side effects so prevalent with pharmaceutical drugs.

There are times when psychotropic medications may be helpful, especially in emergency situations, but should not be the first resort as they are for many doctors. As well meaning as your general practitioner may be in prescribing anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications, it is usually best to be evaluated by a qualified therapist to assess the root causes so that a more comprehensive approach can be planned to help you heal long term. In many cases, the root cause may be physical, hormonal, or related to auto-immune disease. Taking the time to analyze the complete picture will deliver better results and not cause additional problems. Medications may be helpful to manage symptoms that are severe enough to impact daily functioning and the ability to do the cognitive processing necessary in therapy. Both physical issues and inner conflicts need to be addressed for the best therapeutic outcomes.

There is a better way if you’re serious about staying healthy long term. The first part of the solution is simple: use common sense. Not common “wisdom” – there’s a big difference. Common wisdom changes rapidly based on culturally accepted norms promulgated by a variety of sources – the pharmaceutical industry, government agencies, corporate lobbyists, and the educational system. Sadly, there’s usually very little “wisdom” involved. A simple common-sense approach is this: If it’s made by God and found in nature – it’s probably good. If it’s made in a laboratory, be very careful.

Natural is Healthiest

Natural solutions that include diet, essential oils, natural supplements, and other nutritional remedies are your best defense to preserve your own health and that of your family. It can seem overwhelming and confusing for sure. Our wellness coaches specialize in evaluating your health challenges and can offer testing, essential oil education, and supplementation protocols to address your specific issues and simplify the process for you. And you can rest assured that our Catholic commitment will not include New Age practices so prevalent in the alternative health field today.

By making some simple changes you can attain optimal health, both physically and emotionally. Call for a free consultation with one of our wellness coaches to help keep you out of the doctor’s office, away from the pharmacy and living the abundant life you desire.




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