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Ep. 242 Hold a Vision for Them

by | Jun 26, 2024 | Catholic Faith

Many of us are grappling with despair and hopelessness, especially when we see our loved ones suffering. Whether it’s our children facing bullying at school, the pain of a broken relationship, or other disappointments, it’s heart-wrenching to watch. We often absorb their pain, feeling their despair deeply.

However, there’s a powerful gift we can offer: holding a vision of a better future for them. Picture them happier, healed, and in fulfilling relationships. This vision isn’t always meant to be spoken aloud, especially in sensitive situations like a recent loss. Instead, it’s about silently supporting them with hope and positivity.

For parents, it’s about envisioning a brighter path for your children, even when they seem lost or are making questionable choices. This act of faith and hope can be shared at the right moment, helping guide them towards their goals.

As a Catholic life coach, this practice is fundamental. We hold a vision for healing, success, and fulfillment, reminding our clients of their dreams and encouraging them through tough times. This is not just coaching, it’s an act of charity and love.

Tune in to learn how to embrace this practice.

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