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Why Coaching Matters to the Church

Lisa Mladinich

Lisa Mladinich

Over the years, and especially since becoming a trained coach, I have witnessed again and again the magnificent creative spark in the human soul—which although it may be buried, hidden, ignored, or neglected, never leaves us and can be revived and unleashed for God’s greater glory, at any time, at any age or stage of life.

Imagine the ripple effect throughout the world, if more believers in Christ were able to tap into that holy freedom and express their role in God’s plan of salvation with more joy, authenticity, and impact.

Whether it’s getting our dreams unstuck; discerning a path through a new season of life; living more intentionally in our giftedness; or delving deeper into the spiritual life—prayer-powered coaching is a game-changer.

What is the Process of Private Life Coaching Like?

Listening: The principal dynamic of a private “coaching conversation” is that the coach listens very deeply (usually by phone), as you process your own thoughts aloud. The coach tunes in to shifts in emotion, energy, and pacing, looking for important statements and insights, and gently reflecting them back to you for further consideration.

Questioning: In a state of avid curiosity, the coach asks powerful questions that help you step out of your usual mindset to see things from a fresh perspective.

Designing Steps: Together, you and your coach design steps that help you to become, do, and create everything necessary to achieve your goals.

Focus: You are always in control of the focus of every session, every goal, and the degree and type of accountability you prefer. The coach never has an agenda or pushes against your personal vision.

Added Support: With your permission, the coach may supply additional resources, make recommendations, engage in specialized mentoring sessions, connect you with other professionals, participate in creative brainstorming, help co-design action plans, and establish milestones.

When Should You Seek Coaching?

  • You’re stuck and not sure why
  • You need support launching or managing a project
  • You’re working hard but success is not materializing
  • You know you can do better than this, but you’re not sure how
  • You’re facing a new season of life and asking, “What’s next?”
  • You’re overwhelmed with busyness, but you’re not making progress toward your goals
  • You have the nagging sense that you’re missing out on the real adventure of your life

Why I Believe Coaching Works Best With Prayer?

  • Inviting God into the process ensures movement, growth, spiritual protection, and abundant new life!
  • Recognizing the truth of your own heart draws you closer to Jesus, who dwells within you and has irrevocably planted the seeds of calling, giftedness, and peace. (Romans 11:29)

How Does Coaching Help You?

Coaching helps you: 

  • Discover your God-given purpose
  • Reboot your creativity
  • Target your dreams, with confidence
  • Jumpstart your development
  • Manage your time and priorities
  • Navigate successful life transitions
  • Achieve a harmonious life/work balance

Groups for Catholic Creatives

In addition to high-impact private coaching, I offer small, intimate Breakthrough groups (via video conference) of no more than five participants per session, for Catholic creatives at all levels seeking to thrive in their personal, creative, and professional lives.

Sessions always include prayer, a lesson, one-on-one coaching within the group, and occasional guest speakers (at no extra cost). Short teachings include tips on marketing, time-management, networking, creativity, giftedness, mindset, and much more.

Group coaching is a way to reduce your per-session costs, while growing a network of like-minded creatives. Group members report enhanced learning through shared sessions, the satisfaction of supporting one another’s growth, and the joy of holy friendships.

The monthly Breakthrough package includes two online group sessions and one private phone session.

Targeted Mentoring Sessions with Lisa can help you grow your “platform” in the digital marketplace and develop skills in writing, publishing, public speaking, and media.

For More Information:

Please contact Lisa Mladinich for further details on both private and group coaching opportunities.

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