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Navigating Options When Experiencing Domestic Abuse

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Counseling

For Catholics, addressing issues of domestic abuse and navigating their options can feel especially challenging because of our teaching on the sacramentality of marriage.  When we look to the Church’s teaching on the Sacrament of Marriage, it clearly explains the reason our Catholic faith holds such a strict view of marriage and its indissolubility.

But what are you supposed to do when your marital relationship crosses the line into abuse and you are trying to be a “good” Catholic?  What are the proper boundaries in a healthy marital relationship as a Catholic?

You may wonder if you’re actually being abused…are you overreacting?  But after years of dealing with the abuse, you likely have been manipulated into thinking the problems are your fault, that you deserve such treatment or that this isn’t actually abuse you’re dealing with.

The mistake many devout Catholics make is not understanding that abusing another person is an affront to human dignity and to the God who loves and died for us.  The Catholic Church does  recognize that sometimes it is necessary for couples to separate for serious reasons, such as in cases where one spouse is abusing another, and especially if children are in an unhealthy home environment.

Allison Ricciardi, LMHC provides her insights and suggestions to help guide you in addressing the legitimate options for you with respect toward the sacramentality of your marriage.


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