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Wishing You a Blessed Advent and a Joyous Christmas

It’s Advent once again. As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we naturally turn to Scripture and the Nativity story. As one of the mysteries we meditate upon in the Rosary, the story of the Nativity offers us so much to contemplate. I always like to pray for a corresponding virtue with each decade. For the Annunciation I pray for humility— the foundational virtue found in Mary to such a...

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As Divisions Multiply

With the division in our country these days, it’s hard not to get discouraged, even angry.  There are divisions in our families as well, sometimes related to politics, and many times related to differing moral perspectives.  It’s hard to have a productive discussion when all sides are convinced they are right. Division is quite simply the devil’s calling card.  And when we recognize division as...

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