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Fifty Shades of What?!

I don’t know about you, but the hype for this movie really gets me going. Check out my guest blog in The National Catholic Register: Fifty Shades of Psychologically Imprudent, Self-Defeating and Out of Touch with Reality Get in on the conversation. Would love to hear your views! Related posts: Is Prayer Enough When Times Are Hard? Regaining Our Freedom In America Unbound Conference in April on...

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Relationships: Getting Them Right

I remember reading a great book by Harville Hendrix years ago, Getting the Love You Want. The point he made so well was that we tend to marry our lost self – that part of ourselves that may have gone underground because of past wounds from our childhood. He also made the point that whatever mistakes may be made in a first marriage, these tend to be repeated in the second. The underlying...

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Super Dad XLIX

Well, here’s something I never thought I’d write about: The Super Bowl. My history with it has been uneven, at best. I used to see it as a great time to get out with my girlfriends. Restaurants and movie theatres were empty – the world was my oyster! Then I graduated to the Super Bowl party – the great post-holiday excuse to see friends, eat lots of junk, and break up the monotony of...

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A Year’s Supply of Eskimo Pies

Remember the consolation prize? You picked the wrong door on Let’s Make a Deal and instead of a new car or an all expense paid trip to Hawaii you got a year’s supply of Eskimo pies or Rice-a-Roni – the San Francisco treat. Always made me wonder how consoling such prizes actually were! (And, what IS the average daily requirement of Eskimo pies?) We can laugh at such things, but the...

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Hurt by an Abortion You Didn’t Have?

In the abortion debates that have gone on for over four decades in America, there are an awful lot of assumptions that are made. The first one being that a woman has a right to choose abortion to avoid ruining her life by having an unplanned child. Without critical thought, such an argument seems to make sense…but only with the false assumption that an abortion helps the woman in the long run....

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Aim Higher In Your Relationships

Relationships can be so wonderful and life giving. God designed it that way. We are literally made for relationships – with Him and with one another. One of the mistakes that we make though is believing that a relationship can “complete” us. If we meet the right person then we can finally be whole and happy. Well, there’s some truth to that.  When our significant other has qualities that...

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New Year Dieting

Listen to this podcast of The Raphael Remedy's staff member Dr. Kevin Kulik (Clinical Nutritionist) on Relevant Radio's "The Drew Mariani Show" as he explains the importance of putting the focus on obtaining optimal health through proper nutrition.

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The “To-Don’t” List

Ah, it’s a new year and time to set our resolutions of all the good things we would like to do and all the bad things we would like to stop doing. But New Year’s resolutions have become almost cliché. So many jokes are made about giving up on those resolutions by the middle of January that it may make you feel almost silly to even admit that you made any. I find a similar phenomenon when it...

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What Do You Want for Christmas?

As Advent begins our thoughts often turn to the gifts we’re hoping to receive and what gifts to get for loved ones. It can be quite a challenge. But how often do we think of the real gifts that we should be asking for? As I meditate on the Rosary mysteries throughout the year, I usually preface each decade by asking for a virtue associated with that mystery. For instance, for the Resurrection I...

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