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Was My Mom Kidding Me?

I remember it like it was yesterday…that shocking moment in the basement so long ago. I was probably about five or six and was with my mom looking for something when she made a casual comment that began with “when I was a little girl….” Now, I don’t remember her story but that line jumped out and has stayed with me until today. The absurdity of it crashed into my little mind. Mom…a little girl?...

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Heaven, Hell, & A Loving God

Many good and intelligent people say they don’t believe in hell or the devil because God is good and forgiving and would never condemn anyone to unending suffering. Would a loving God truly send people to hell? It seems so contradictory, doesn’t it? Or is even hell a manifestation of God’s mercy? Allison Ricciardi explores this topic in God’s Not Mean So Hell’s Not Possible. Related posts:...

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If You Want to Get to Heaven, Live like You’re Already There

Heaven…our heart’s deepest longing and desire…or at least it should be. It’s hard to imagine what to really expect. We all have our own ideas and hopes about what it will be like. But the bottom line is the same for all of us: heaven will be a place of unending happiness and bliss. Scripture gives us this hope: no more weeping or mourning and every tear will be wiped away. So how are we to know...

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Marriage After Adultery

In this day and age, financial stress, parenting issues, disagreements over work-and-home balance, social media temptations, pornography and an array of other issues all have the potential to lead a couple down the road to infidelity. Discovering your spouse has had an extramarital affair is heartrending. The sense of betrayal, loss of trust and the sting of deception can be overwhelming. Can a...

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Praying for Your Enemies: Two Good Reasons to Try It

It doesn’t come naturally to pray for someone who has hurt you but it is exactly what Jesus asks us to do. There’s good psychology behind it though. Read Two Reasons to Pray For Those Who Hurt You written by Allison Ricciardi, LMHC and discover why what doesn’t seem natural, nor easy, is for your best. Related posts: Be Part of the Solution with the Rosary Crusade Key Components of Effective...

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Protecting Boys from Harmful and Enticing Cultural Messages

The concept of manhood being synonymous with godliness is not a concept that is largely supported in today’s culture. The culture is at war with the family, especially its youngest and most vulnerable members. Our boys are bombarded with harmful and enticing messages from movies and television, from the rock-music industry, from the advocates of so-called safe-sex ideology, and from the...

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Surviving Spousal Abuse

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, yet the problem is often overlooked, excused, or denied. Domestic violence (also named domestic abuse, spousal abuse, battering, or family violence) is a pattern of behavior which involves violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation. Emotional abuse is abuse regardless if...

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When Victims Turn into Bullies

It’s not hard to find victims today – individuals and groups of people who have been hurt, marginalized, violated, or humiliated. We live in a tough world which seems to be getting tougher all the time. For many their gripes are legitimate. They got a bad deal or a bad rap. Sometimes it wasn’t their fault at all, and other times, it wasn’t entirely their fault. Their punishment for...

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Insisting on Our Chicken Fingers

I sat next to my cousin’s adorable 2 year old, Lily, at a family bridal shower on Sunday. It was her first “all ladies” event and she was so excited to go with mommy while daddy and big brother stayed behind. She ate her pasta, ignored the salad, and then came every child’s favorite: the chicken fingers and fries. Since I usually eat a healthier diet, the sight of them actually jarred me. It’s...

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Navigating Through a Sudden Break Up

All seems to be going well until it’s not. It’s at this point the nagging questions surface and it’s easy to start dissecting everything about the relationship and the sudden break up you find yourself navigating through. Whatever the reason a guy (or girl) may end the dating relationship, we need to find a way to cope with it and move forward. Read what relationship counselor Allison Ricciardi...

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