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WELLNESS NEWS UPDATE: Choosing A Healthy Diet

by | Apr 4, 2014 | Wellness

With all of the diet trends and new health information constantly being presented to you, how do you know what to believe?  Well, Google is your friend!  Do not be afraid to challenge anything presented and research it for yourself.  Do not simply believe the marketing of some pharmaceutical company, food manufacturer or even supposed ‘health agencies’.

These days it seems that there is a new ‘fad diet’ popping up almost daily. So, what diet should you choose? Our Clinical Nutritionist, Dr Kevin Kulik, recommends the ‘Low-Carb Mediterranean Type Diet’.

Many diets you are familiar with are actually variations based on this diet. For more information about how and what to eat, click on the LINK below and download the reference sheet:


(The stressed-out person’s diet)

This healthy diet will help balance blood sugar and hormone levels, help with Adrenal Fatigue, prevent ups and downs in energy and mood, and promote weight loss. It is also an extremely heart-healthy diet plan. Always speak to your own doctor before beginning any new diet plan.  Use the Internet and begin your own intense research into learning optimal health through proper nutrition.

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