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Lisa Mladinich

Life Coach
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Hi, I’m Lisa Mladinich, a happy wife and mom, and a grateful revert to the Catholic faith.

I live a “portfolio life,” which means that my desire to follow Jesus is expressed in many forms: as a best-selling author and speaker; a TV and podcast host; and a Catholic coach with a passion for helping women thrive personally, creatively, and professionally.


“The power to change your life is found in your own heart. Coaching takes you there.” 
~ Lisa Mladinich

My Mission

My mission as a coach is to help my clients be, do, and have more in their lives and in their relationship with God than they ever thought possible.

And the thing is, each of us already has the capacity to rediscover and grow our gifts and callings in Christ. Our Lord is eager to help us to live with more freedom and more joy. But we sometimes need a coach to accompany us, ask the right questions, and support us in discerning next steps.

Read more about the coaching process, here.

“Life coaching is, above all, empowering. It can help you experience greater intimacy with Jesus in your unique and unrepeatable soul and craft meaningful steps for living your life to the full.” ~ Lisa Mladinich

My Path to Coaching

As a young actress in New York City in the 1990s, I experienced a transformative reconversion to the Catholic faith that opened my heart to a flood of sacramental healing. My life, which had become ugly with bitterness and despair, was suddenly overflowing with beauty, creativity, love, and hope. But I still needed help to achieve the clarity and resolve that would bring God’s plan for my life into focus.

Providentially, coaches of various sorts appeared in my life and helped me bring order to my home, manage my time, take charge of my physical health, and—most importantly—clarify essential core values that, to this day, continue to reveal how I am irrevocably gifted and called, in Christ (Romans 11:29).

Coaching can help you find that same clarity of purpose and the support to carry out your mission in Christ. Learn more, here.

Many of us have never experienced that level of support; have never processed our fears, hopes, and dreams so deeply; and never had the chance to really dig down into our own lives to hear what God is saying specifically to us.
~Lisa Mladinich

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