The Raphael Remedy
Coronavirus Pandemic

Ep. 58: How My C+ Can Help You Navigate the Pandemic

Are you stressed listening to the “experts” and confused about what to believe and how, or if you can go back to normal amidst the coronavirus pandemic?

But what I learned by the C+ I got in my experimental psych class many years ago has helped me through this time relying on common sense and my own gut and it’s been invaluable.

Can statistics be used to confuse? They sure can! In this video I talk about what my unfair grade taught me and how it can help you to reduce stress and take control of your life back.

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Ep. 33: Private Revelation in the Age of Corona

Are you looking for answers in this time of stress and uncertainty as the Coronavirus pandemic keeps us locked up indoors and worried about the future? We all are. It’s a terrible stress to feel so out of control.

Of course, we look to Scripture, but many are also seeking private revelation for answers. But beware, private revelations abound and the messages are often not vetted in any way. In the long run it may cause you more stress and lead you down the wrong road.

Here are some tips for navigating private revelation in these strange and unique times in which we live.

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