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An Engaging Resource to Renew Catholic Marriages

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Counseling

What if you could exercise loving curiosity to strengthen your marriage?

Catholic psychotherapist, Dana Nygaard, has written an engaging book that is a marriage must-have as it guides Catholic couples through loving and captivating conversations.

365 Dates to Renew Your Christian Marriage:  
Increasing Your Emotional Intimacy
One Question at a Time

Relationships usually begin with excitement and butterflies in your stomach. We hang on to our partner’s every word and can hardly stand to be apart. But this ‘romantic intoxication’ slowly fades and we lose the urgent sense of wanting to know them. We settle into complacency and allow our busyness to become an idol.

365 Dates to Renew Your Christian Marriage will help you:

  • Set aside dedicated time just for your relationship
  • Pursue your spouse while falling deeper in love
  • Grow in emotional intimacy
  • View your spouse in a new light

As a Licensed Professional Counselor of over ten years, Dana was discouraged by the dating materials that were available to Catholic couples. Knowing that dating is key for a healthy marriage, Dana set out to create an engaging resource for marriages that will stimulate fresh conversations through a series of questions, making a couple’s time together never dull. This marriage enrichment book aims to nourish and draw Christian couples closer through emotional and spiritual intimacy.

Couples are navigated through questions in what Dana coins as ‘Courtship Conversations.’ Every date consists of three questions: The Ready questions allow couples to reconnect in conversation, often the readers share a laugh easing them into further discussion. The Set questions were formed to deepen the couple’s conversation while they are enjoying their date night. Lastly, the Go questions is meant for couples to enter into a thought-provoking conversation stirring curiosity while gaining new insights into their spouse’s perspectives.

“As a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in couples counseling, I saw the need for a marriage resource that would allow couples to engage in lively and healthy conversation. My goal was to create a non-threatening and faith nourishing tool that any Christian couple can bring along during their date night.”
Dana Nygaard, LPC

You can purchase book on Amazon.  Click Here To Purchase Your Copy!

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