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Ep. 174 When is it too late to reinvent your life?

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Catholic Coaching

You may have asked yourself before is it too late to reinvent myself? There is always time to get a new lease on life.
But what are the steps?

The Lord has a plan for every one of us, but the noise of the world can drown it out. Setting aside daily quiet time to pray and discern is key. This is where coaching is so powerful to help formulate those next steps for that next chapter.

A skilled coach is trained to really listen and help you get in touch with what is inside, as God speaks to us through our hearts. Through a Catholic Life Coach and daily prayer, we can understand and hear what God wants from us as he knows what is best for us.

Having someone, like a coach, can help those who want to move forward in life and understand our role in God’s plan for us. There’s always time to start right now.

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