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Insisting on Our Chicken Fingers

by | May 12, 2016 | Counseling

I sat next to my cousin’s adorable 2 year old, Lily, at a family bridal shower on Sunday. It was her first “all ladies” event and she was so excited to go with mommy while daddy and big brother stayed behind. She ate her pasta, ignored the salad, and then came every child’s favorite: the chicken fingers and fries.

Since I usually eat a healthier diet, the sight of them actually jarred me. It’s been a while since the children in my life were at that stage. Once you’re away from such things they don’t look nearly as appetizing. But it got me to thinking.

We all get attached to what we know. We want things a certain way and resist change and sometimes even rail against it when it inevitably comes our way.

But life has a way of changing on us, whether we like it or not. We’re forced to stretch and strain and let go of what’s comfortable. Even in relationships, so often we’re in patterns with certain “types,” often with similarly disappointing results. But since familiar is comfortable we keep gravitating toward it. Instead of trusting God and letting Him lay out His banquet, we insist on our chicken fingers.

If you’re dealing with changes and loss, trust that God is in the midst of it all. He doesn’t allow sorrow or pain unless in His loving plan, He intends to bring a greater good from it. Instead of a narrow focus, use a wider angle lens to see His hand weaving a plan for your good. Talking to counselor or a coach can be a big help in gaining a better perspective. Change isn’t always easy, but when we surrender to God’s plan, we free Him to usher in better things. Trust!

Allison Ricciardi, LMHC
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