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Seeking Wisdom in these Perilous Times

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Counseling

This has been an exceedingly difficult time for many because of all that has transpired in the past year of 2020. The fearful unknowns, unending what-ifs, sleepless nights, and nervousness from dealing with the pandemic, the lockdowns, economic crisis, mask mandates and the nationwide riots and a contentious election has led many to a sense of hopelessness and despair.  Mental health issues have greatly increased as a result, becoming a graver pandemic than any virus out there.

How do we ease the anxiety and rise out of the depression?
How can we to stop ourselves from feeling frantic and frazzled?

It begins with prayer and supplication to God.

Therefore I prayed, and understanding was given me;
I called upon God, and the spirit of wisdom came to me.
Wisdom 7:7

Ask Him, who is Truth itself, to reveal all truth to us and to the world. Call upon God to bestow through the Holy Spirit the gift of wisdom. Pray for your friends and family that they may be protected, not only from the virus, but from the gripping fear that has paralyzed a good part of the world.

Remember, God does not work through fear.
Let me repeat that.

God does not work through fear.
His enemy does.

God inspires hope. God uses reason and logic. God deals in the fullness of truth, not half-truths. Not theories and not “expert opinions.” Truth.

Knowledge is power – Do your own research

An intelligent mind acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.
Proverbs 18:15

If we have learned anything from this COVID phenomenon is that the “experts” seem to change like the wind, and many cite only their opinions with no real science or data to back them up. Language and emotions have been skillfully manipulated to cause confusion, fear, and compliance like nothing we have ever seen before. You simply cannot take for granted that everything the mainstream media and government agencies are telling you is true. In fact, you would be wise to assume it’s not. We need to restore hope and freedom if we are to move forward in a healthy way by learning to think more critically and do our own research to acquire knowledge.

What was the actual overall death rate in 2020 as compared to 2019 and 2018?
It may surprise you to learn it was virtually the same.

What is the actual survival rate for COVID?
It may surprise you to learn that in the overwhelming majority of cases the survival rate is over 99%. This is WITHOUT treatment.

Are there therapeutics that can help you to prevent catching COVID and that will help you recover quickly if you do?
You may be surprised to learn that there are several therapeutics that have been shown to be extraordinarily effective when given at the onset of symptoms.

Is Hydroxychloroquine a real cure or is it really harmful?
You may be surprised to learn that the Lancet report that refuted its efficacy was taken down and admitted being fake.

Once something has become politicized, nothing you hear can be trusted. You have to be smart and do your own research. Consider alternate search engines like Duck Duck Go rather than Google.

Use common sense and logic

  • If the virus were as deadly as purported, wouldn’t we be told to dispose of our masks in hazmat containers?
  • Wouldn’t the homeless, who don’t wear masks, who don’t social distance, who don’t wash their hands regularly, be dead on the streets in astounding numbers?
  • Wouldn’t the states that didn’t lock down have higher death rates and those that did lock down with the strictest mask policies have few or no new cases by now?
  • Why did the flu virtually disappear?

Things are not adding up if we take the time to think about them.

  • Is a “vaccine” really necessary for a disease that has over a 99% survival rate?
  • Are you comfortable taking an experimental gene therapy that has been approved only for emergency use?
  • Is a 99% survival rate an emergency?
  • Does it make sense to take something with virtually no long-term track record?
  • If Bill Gates, whose admitted goal is to decrease the world’s population by two-thirds, who has maimed thousands of innocent people in Africa through his vaccine programs, is pushing for global vaccination, does it make sense to back up and move with extreme caution before going along with it?

Recognize the difference between scientists’ opinions and actual scientific studies

A lie repeated often enough and forcefully enough is easily swallowed by the general public. But do these expert opinions actually hold water? In many cases, they don’t.

For instance, this article about the scientific effectiveness of mask wearing is very eye-opening. Some things sound good on the surface and afford you an opportunity to do something to feel like you are protecting yourself or others. But shouldn’t that something be based on actual science and not government directives which exploit the fears they so irresponsibly engendered?

You need to recognize that there is way more going on here than you may think. The point I’m making is not whether you should or shouldn’t wear a mask or if you should get or not get the “vaccine.” That’s up to you and I respect your decisions regarding your own health. But it’s essential you learn to think for yourself, to evaluate the “facts,” to use common sense, and to take back your own autonomy. Such things will go a long way towards freeing you from the epidemic of anxiety and depression so many are experiencing.

Abide in the Love of Our Lord

During this season of Lent use this time to truly grow closer to Our Lord. Pray and seek the Lord for wisdom. Enter into His passion and anticipate His resurrection as you read and mediate on the Gospels. The world intends all that is going on for evil…but God will use it for good. Good Friday was probably the lowest point in human history. Holy Saturday had to be excruciating. God allowed the despair and anxiety many experienced that day knowing their joy would be all the sweeter Easter Sunday.

The good news is that God invites us to bring our anxiety and fears to Him. No matter how bleak it may appear, keep trusting in God to protect you and care for your needs. Pray for His truth to be revealed. In the search for truth, we must set as our ultimate goal, union with Truth Himself – our Lord Jesus Christ.

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you; abide in my love.
John 15:9

God will ultimately work all things for the good of those who love Him.

Allison Ricciardi, LMHC
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