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The Light That Snuck Into The World

by | Dec 17, 2016 | Counseling

Funny thing about light…no matter how small, it has tremendous power.  Darkness simply can’t stand up to the light.  Even a small match destroys darkness.  Think about that.  A small match can literally obliterate darkness.

As we draw close to Christmas, what strikes me is that at His birth, Jesus pretty much “snuck” into this world.  No fanfare, no fancy suite at the local inn, no entourage.  He came in quietly & without much fuss.  The angels couldn’t contain themselves and told the shepherds, but it certainly didn’t make the evening news.  The light had come, and for the most part, no one knew it just yet.  In the following days and weeks and years, the world went on as usual.

Yet everything had changed.

Life can seem really dark at times when we are going through seasons of difficult hardships. We face and field our problems with many emotions …fear, worry, discouragement, despair. At the same time, we are surrounded by a media that promotes a culture of death. It can all cause us to feel overwhelmed. But Jesus, this reality of God made flesh who conquered sin and death…note that- He conquered them- past tense- fait accomplit… that blessed moment when Jesus took flesh in the womb of Mary changed the world…the light had come. The war was won. Darkness could not overcome it…and it certainly did try… and it’s still trying today!

In whatever you are wrestling with right now…whatever struggle or insurmountable problem, think of this: Jesus already has the solution. You don’t know it yet, you can’t see it yet, but it’s there. Just like He was conquering the darkness there in the manger on that first Christmas. He tells us that whatever we are praying for, believe that we’ve already received it. And since God is not bound by time, in reality we have.

Ponder that this Christmas. Draw close to the manger and bask in that tiny light. Trust that the dawn will come. It will. It has.

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