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Why are so many young women struggling today?

by | May 15, 2024 | Counseling

Wow, where do you start to answer such a question? Rates of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality dynamics have skyrocketed—almost becoming the norm these days.

There are, of course, a host of factors. The media and entertainment industry have been manipulating young women for decades. Social media put the icing on the cake with so many Photoshopped and carefully curated images with which to compare themselves and their lives.

If you are a young woman, or have daughters and granddaughters, you know what I’m referring to and you likely share my concerns. How did we get here, and more importantly, how do we improve this sad state of affairs and truly empower women? I’m not talking about the feminist concept of woman’s empowerment. That’s just a thinly veiled cover for woman’s enslavement, masquerading as concern.

One has to consider just a few things to understand what I mean. Starting back in the 60s and 70s—the pinnacle of women’s empowerment came with Virginia Slims cigarettes. As the dangers of smoking were becoming more and more well known, women were given their own cigarette and expected to celebrate their new-found glory. Later, connections with smoking and breast cancer became known (but not widely publicized) and yet still few questioned the feminists’ real agenda.

The proliferation of pornography has had a hugely deleterious effect on both women and men. Cited as the #1 factor in divorce court, pornography has wreaked havoc in relationships. Young men are easily drawn in, and acting out what they see depicted on the screen is all too common. Women have more and more become objects for male pleasure and less and less cherished, leaving young women disillusioned and depressed. But when was the last time you heard any feminist organizations, politician, or celebrity champion a fight against pornography? Almost never. Instead, they promote filth like Fifty Shades of Gray and showcase fashions that could make even streetwalkers blush.

There is another factor that needs to be considered and that’s the attack on our physical health and wellbeing. The 60’s also saw the advent of the birth control pill. Formulated in great part with the enthusiastic support of Margaret Sanger, the eugenicist founder of Planned Parenthood, (whose stated intention was to “reduce the negro population”), today has become as commonplace for young women as having their ears pierced.

So how do birth control pills affect young women? What many do not realize, and many doctors will not tell them, is that the most commonly reported side effects are mood swings and depression, (and ironically, a loss of libido). Birth control pills are discontinued by many women within the first year because of the intolerable side effects.

I recently dealt with a young woman who had been put on the birth control pill by her gynecologist as a treatment for PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Looking at her symptoms, it is not even clear whether she has PCOS. The first version he prescribed made her blunted emotionally, depressed and caused her to gain weight. He happily switched her to a different pill. During this time her depression increased, she experienced violent mood swings and serious suicidal ideation. She didn’t realize it was being caused by this pill as the doctor had reassured her that it didn’t cause depression and there are no side effects. Folks, every pharmaceutical carries the possibility of side effects. When a doctor makes such a statement, do not take it as gospel. Do your own research.

Her depression, delusions, violent mood swings, and suicidal ideation and threats became out of control, precipitating a rift in her otherwise happy relationship. After doing some research she learned that this particular drug had over 11,000 lawsuits, mostly for blood clots. The risk of blood clots is seven-fold. Remember, this is being given to young, child-bearing aged women.

Upon further research she found story after story of women saying this drug nearly ruined their lives. They experienced the same—violent mood swings, suicidal ideation and attempts, and general chaos. All from a drug her doctor told her had no side effects.

Several days after discontinuing this drug, mental clarity started to return. She realized she had not been herself since the first prescription but recognized the marked change since starting this new version four months earlier. Now she is left trying to pick up the pieces and reckoning with the hurt she caused while in this drug induced, delusional state.

Think seriously about this: the birth control pill was designed to make a woman’s body deliberately malfunction. It overrides a woman’s natural cycle. It adds synthetic hormones into a healthy body. Rarely are any attempts made to correct the root cause of problems such as PCOS. Dietary changes and nutritional support have shown some great improvement for many women, but our medical establishment seldom, if ever, address that.

And lest you think the birth control patch or ring is any better, they are not. They all use unnatural hormones that disrupt a woman’s natural cycle and carry the same risks of blood clots, mood swings and depression (to name just a few).

But the birth control pill is not the only factor affecting young women. More and more young girls and women (boys too) are taking antidepressant and other psychotropic medications. Ironically, antidepressants come with a strong warning that they can cause suicidal thoughts, particularly in children, adolescents, and young adults. Not too many people know that…and it needs to be known and understood.

Now let me be very clear, I am not saying that there is never a need for medications. Some can be helpful. I am also absolutely not recommending that if you, or someone you know, is taking an antidepressant, anti-anxiety or any other medication that you stop that medication. Do not attempt to without medical supervision as stopping cold turkey can have very negative effects. I am simply suggesting that you do your due diligence and investigate possible side effects and drug interactions before taking any new prescription. You must be your own advocate. Many doctors, as well intentioned as they may be, do not thoroughly investigate the drugs they prescribe or evaluate the possible interactions with other medications you may be taking. It’s not uncommon to have multiple doctors prescribing medications for multiple problems. Often there are negative interactions that you need to consider. You must be aware and do the research. Do not just blindly take anything prescribed.

Another factor affecting young women today are food additives and poor diet. To feel truly happy, we need to be physically healthy. Blood sugar fluctuations, hormonal shifts, and nutritional deficiencies can wreak havoc on our moods. I suffered from severe PMS when I was younger…plus severe migraines, rosacea, and anxiety. Looking back at my diet, it’s no mystery why. Nitrates and nitrites in cold cuts, sugar, and caffeine were big factors. Once deleted from my diet, many things improved. If you’ve ever experienced PMS, you probably understand how hormones can affect your mood and send you from zero to 60 on a dime- often over something trivial. I used to say jokingly (well, half-jokingly) that God allowed me to have PMS so I could understand two things: mental illness and demonic possession. Yeah, it was that bad.

Fast forward a couple of decades now and the poisoning of our food supply with glyphosate (aka Roundup) saturating our produce, particularly wheat and grains, and a host of new Frankenfoods, energy drinks loaded with caffeine, and an onslaught of new food additives and bioengineered ingredients finding their way into nearly everything we buy, and it’s no wonder so many people are plagued by depression, anxiety, and ever-increasing autoimmune diseases.

My point is this: We need to clean things up. We need to live in harmony with our bodies the way God made them. We need to return to nature and read every label before we buy anything at the grocery store. I read a meme recently that said: The longer the shelf life, the shorter yours. So true.

But more than anything we need to recognize that the plethora of medications hitting the market and shoved down our throats at every commercial are not necessarily our friends. When it comes to women’s health, it is we as women, who need to step in and take responsibility. We need to realize that those that champion our rights, are often silent in the face of the negative consequences when those “rights” are exercised. Men, you need to be aware as well to advocate for your wives and daughters.

When it comes especially to the birth control pill, patch etc., putting morality aside (and there are serious moral implications to be considered), please just start with a practical approach. Women are not being helped, but in many, many cases are instead, greatly harmed. Unscrupulous men are benefiting as women become easier to seduce, with no responsibility toward those women once conquered. Instead of progress, the pill and the mentality that promotes it, has set women back to a place the worst misogynists only dreamed of a century ago.

If you are, or you know a young woman who is struggling emotionally, please inquire if the birth control pill is a factor. Are there other medications involved? Research everything. Talk to a pharmacist about possible side effects and drug interactions.

God truly wants His people to be healed and happy. He created women to be loved and cherished, not to be used and abused. Think critically and be your own advocate and advocate for the young women in your lives. They deserve better than they’ve been getting.

May the Holy Spirit descend upon you all this Pentecost and fill you with His abiding peace.

Allison Ricciardi, LMHC
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