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Ep. 169 Setting Up Resolutions that Stick: How a Catholic Life Coach Can Be a Game Changer

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Catholic Coaching

It’s January already. The busy-ness of the season is behind us and our thoughts turn to New Year’s resolutions. But maybe some of you are discouraged because in the past none of them stuck.

But there are ways to make resolutions that do endure and lead to change. The key to success in answering what you want to do, is being asked the right questions. This is where a Catholic Life Coach can be a game changer!

Maybe you have a big vision. In fact, maybe it seems even too big at times. By getting in touch with your values and passions and discerning the call that God has on your heart, you can start to formulate a step-by-step plan to make it a reality.

It may not be anything grand like founding Amazon. Perhaps it’s being the best mom or husband that you can be. In God’s economy, that vision may have a much greater impact.

If you know you’re called to more…or that you need help just digging out from under to gain clarity on a vision, engaging a Catholic Life Coach can be transformative.

That’s what I talk about today so be sure to tune in.

Wishing you an abundant and prosperous new year!

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