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Learning to Shine a Little Brighter

by | Oct 13, 2017 | General

It’s been a pretty warm fall so far here on Long Island, NY…which is just fine with me! But as the days get shorter and the leaves start to change, the cooler weather certainly is not far behind.

Now is a great time to declutter and detox our homes and our bodies, as the leaves fade and fall and we move toward winter. Here are a few tips:

Survey your physical environment.

What’s working and what’s not? Is there a place for the wet boots, the school books and the myriad things that wind up on the kitchen table? Make a list and assign a place for everything. Keep it simple. Over organizing is a trap that sets you up for failure. Use broad categories.

Survey your social environment.

Who are the negative people that tend to drag you down at work or among your family and friends? Be honest. You may love them but if they tend to be a drain on your energy, it’s time to set some boundaries and limit your exposure. But, of course, you can’t do that until you honestly evaluate how you feel when you deal with them. So, make your list and check it twice—they may be both naughty and nice. Figure out how to contain the negatives and maximize the positives. Maybe watch a movie together rather than having dinner. Less time to complain for them means less stress for you.

Survey your diet.

Believe it or not, what you eat can affect your mood in more ways than you realize. Keep a food diary and evaluate how you feel after certain foods. Sweets may taste great when you’re eating them but may leave you tired, anxious, and depressed. They also can lead to inflammation, joint pain and poor sleep. Sugar also suppresses your immune system leaving you more susceptible to colds and flu. One simple change like eliminating sugar can set you up for a healthier fall and winter.

Survey your spirit.

Do you spend any regular time talking to God or meditating on scripture or spiritual reading? Take some time to think about your relationship with your heavenly Father. Are you carrying the pain of disappointment of unanswered prayers or the shame of past sins?  Are you harboring resentment and unforgiveness toward anyone? Your anger may be justified but carrying it around can poison you. Time to bring them into the light. Talk to a priest, go to confession, or seek counseling. Freeing up your spirit leaves you more open to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit and the abundant life Jesus came to give you.

Sometimes we need a little assistance along the way. Consider talking to one of our counselors, coaches, or wellness advocates for guidance and help. The days may get shorter but your light can still shine brightly. Take the first step today.

Allison Ricciardi, LMHC
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