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Live in Such a Way that People Will Be Happy When You Go

by | Sep 15, 2015 | General

A great lady passed away recently – one of those unsung heroes you so often hear referenced but rarely meet. She was an unrelenting and unyielding champion of goodness and truth, disguised as a grandma, as so many are. Marie Mawn was a powerhouse of the pro-life movement on Long Island, NY. Together with her late husband, John, Marie fueled the pro-life cause with humility and dedication.

No trumpets blown before her. No foundation bearing her name milking corporations for favored donations. No. A simple woman, with a will of steel and a heart of gold for the most innocent and abused among us.

It makes me think. How am I living my life? Will my family worry for my soul? Will they wonder if I made it? I hope not! What greater gift to leave your family than the assurance and hope that you’ll be reunited again in heaven – that you’re with the loved ones that went before you. That pain and sorrow can never touch you again. That fear will never more hold you in its clutches.

I grieve for her and for her family in their loss. I’m sad for her to be gone…for one less voice of reason and one less heart of virtue to counter the deepening darkness of a world gone mad.

But I’m happy for her. I’m happy that all suffering is in the past for her. That she is receiving her sure reward, meeting the millions of friends who populate heaven but never saw Earth. For a life simply well lived; a legacy; an example. Rest in peace dear Marie. May you reap the rewards of your tireless giving. Pray for those of us who are left in this vale of tears that we may all board the same bus that you rode here and meet you at the same final stop.

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