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Mysteries of Light, Joy, Hope and Power

by | Mar 4, 2014 | Prayers and Novenas

Do you realize that the new rosary “Mysteries of Light” are about you? And me? Now naturally, every mystery applies to us and our human condition, but the Mysteries of Light that Blessed Pope John Paul II instituted are really about the life of the Christian and the Church and tell us a lot about God’s action in our lives.

In the first mystery, the Baptism of Jesus, God reveals Himself in His son… and not at human behest, but on His own initiative. God WANTS us to know Him in His son. What a gift that is. When you’re struggling with something, remember that. God WANTS you to know Him. Pray for the eyes to see how He’s revealing Himself directly and indirectly in your life.

The next is my favorite mystery. Jesus revealing His divinity at the Marriage Feast of Cana is by far the most awesome and awe inspiring. Jesus is there celebrating a marriage feast…He’s an invited guest. Weddings are therefore very important to God. Marriage, a human institution is imbued with the Divine in it’s sacrificial and loving nature. And as this couple is celebrating their love, unbeknownst to them the wine had run out. Now imagine this. Too often we think that God is here to meet our needs, nothing more and nothing less. But this reveals something unimaginably amazing. God wants us to be happy. He wants us to not just have our daily bread, but at certain times He wants us to experience His abundance and magnificent generosity. In fact, His time to be revealed as God hadn’t actually come yet, but at His mother’s request He performs this miracle. Now, if it were a healing or deliverance it would make more sense to us…God responding to human suffering and need. But, He changed His whole timetable, hastening his road to the cross, and revealed Himself so that the wedding celebration would be overflowing with joy. To save the bride and groom embarrassment. To provide for whatever they need. Wow!

Now, follow me…What’s the next Mystery of Light? The proclamation of the kingdom. Imagine the energy and enthusiasm of the apostles after witnessing this first miracle. They’re not trying to sell the modern, watered down, boring version of heaven that many people think of today. Nope. They have seen this God of joy, this God of generosity who wants His children to be happy! This God who loves to give good gifts to His children. They could see more clearly that heaven would be more than just sitting on clouds playing harps with blank faces. Nope. It will be a feast and God will be providing it…starting right here and now when we’re conformed to His will in love.

Meditate on that. God wants us to be joyful, not simply satisfied. He wants to shower us with abundance, so much so that He hastened His own death on the cross to perform this miracle. Look around at the beauty He’s created in this world and imagine what things await us in heaven. Then, fortified with this conviction, go out and proclaim the kingdom like the first apostles. Believe me, when it’s rooted in your heart and not just your head, you’ll be a much more compelling witness!

Moving on to the Transfiguration, Jesus knew what awaited Him on the cross and He knew His little flock would need hope. They needed to see the end game…or at least the leaders did. Seeing Him transfigured in glory gave them a glimpse of heaven- the Ultimate Reality. And they didn’t just see Jesus. They saw Moses and Elijah- representing the law and the prophets. He was pulling it all together for them…connecting the dots if you will.

Now fortified in hope, Jesus knew they needed more, some more tangible strength. Although He would leave them for three days on the cross and then ascend to heaven, He found a way to remain with them…to give them His own strength, His own Body. We’re never alone. He is always with us in His Church and in this most Blessed Sacrament. That’s power!

So often we fear asking for blessings. Being disappointed by life’s hurts can leave one afraid to hope. But by misunderstanding God’s love, sometimes we accept our sad state in the mistaken belief it’s God’s will. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to imply that we should be showered with wine and roses and other assorted material blessings all the time. Of course not. Sometimes it’s God’s will that we feel the pain of doing without many things. Like now as we begin Lent. But even in those times, the goal remains the same. God is preparing us for heaven…for Joy unending. And if we keep our eyes and hearts open, the joy begins right here. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. But the best news is this: when you forget to ask or don’t even know what you need, our Lord is already on it!

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