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Stepping Forward in Courage to Something so Vitally Important

by | Oct 20, 2015 | Announcements

It was such an amazing experience to participate along with 2 other people at the “Living the Truth in Love” Conference in Rome to give our testimonies as part of something so vitally important. This conference was scheduled two days prior to the start of the Synod, and was co-sponsored by Courage International, Ignatius Press, and the Napa Institute as a way to begin a dialogue on same-sex attractions.

Many in our culture think the Church hates homosexuals, and that she needs to change with the times. Groups are even pressuring the Church to change her teachings. These efforts are misguided, and so far from the truth. The three of us understand what is at stake as the synod meets, because we have experienced clarity, peace, and a true sense of being that can only be found in God, and we received this in the teachings of our beautiful Catholic Faith.

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