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It’s Glow Time

by | Oct 28, 2015 | General

In my recent piece, Revelation Overload Anxiety I addressed the nervousness and fear so many are experiencing due to increased private revelations and prophecies that portend big changes coming in the world. Most of us, if we have any sense at all, see that our country, indeed our world, is in dire straits. Each day new atrocities unfold. All that was once held dear is held in contempt as the government rolls over individual rights in an ever increasing power grab, the likes of which we have never seen in America.

It seems to be getting darker every day. And yet, as a people of faith we have hope. As people of God we know that He has a plan in all of this and that His Kingdom will ultimately triumph. After all, we say the Our Father daily praying for exactly that – that His kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. If Jesus told us to pray for it, we can rest assured it will happen.

Let’s face it, we’re being challenged. Remember that great Seinfeld episode with Izzy Mandelbaum? Unwilling to let Jerry get the better of him, he used that great phrase “It’s go time!!”

Well, as we see America going down at the hands of those opposed to all she once held dear, I issue a new call: It’s Glow time! As the darkness increases, we as a people of faith are called to shine like never before; to be witnesses to all that’s good, beautiful and true. To shine with faith in the everlasting Father, in His goodness, His mercy, His power to redeem and put this all right again. Being aware of the problem obliges us to be even more keenly focused on the Solution.

There comes a point that we know enough of what’s going on in this increasingly negative trajectory. At that point, we need to tune out of the news and the prophecies and tune in to the battle plan. We need to take our marching orders from the generals of God’s army. Retreat and failure are not options as we engage in this epic battle, with eyes focused on the Truth, hands open to mercy, and feet ready for combat. It’s Glow Time. Time to be the best version of ourselves, to shine God’s truth and hope in every place we find ourselves.

Our culture suffers because families suffer. Families suffer because individuals suffer. Like Mother Teresa did, start with one person. Neither you nor I have the power alone to shift the culture…but we can shift one individual from despair to hope, even if only momentarily. Be more present to those around you. It’s not hard to find a sour face and offer a smile. It’s no effort to whisper a prayer when you see someone with obvious struggles – the cashier berated by a customer, the young person covered in tattoos and piercings yearning for attention, the homeless beggar, the lonely elder, the drug addict. Replace “Have a nice day” with “God bless you.” Make it a prayer not just an empty phrase. Instead of spreading more darkness, scatter it with your light.

God will not judge us on how we handled Assad or Putin. He will not grade us on our international diplomacy. He will judge us on our little actions each day- our small acts of kindness and compassion that, in our view, seem not to amount to a hill of beans but are huge in God’s eyes. No more time for excuses – I’m too busy; I have my own problems; I can’t afford it. No. Just get on with it. At the end of the day, do an examination of conscience. And remember, sins of omission count as heavily as those sins we do commit. Maybe more so: Whatever you didn’t do to the least of Jesus’ children, you didn’t do to Him.

The joy of those small generosities will help counter the anxiety you may be feeling. After all, when we act with the power we do have, we feel less helpless about that which we don’t. If God wanted you to be President, you would be. He wants you and needs you where you are right now. Placing you here, at this time in history, in the family and locality He’s placed you was no accident as randomly as these things seem to occur. Follow His lead and find out why you’re here now, at this point in history, encountering the seemingly insignificant people you may meet on a daily basis. Look ahead to the joy that is coming, the peace promised at Fatima. Remember, the cross was never the goal – the resurrection was. Same now. So, get glowing.

Allison Ricciardi, LMHC
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