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The Delusion Of Believing In A Loving Universe

by | Nov 20, 2014 | Podcasts

Listen to Allison Ricciardi, LMHC on Relevant radio’s ‘The Drew Mariani Show’ as she discusses: “The Delusion Of Believing In A Loving Universe”.

What does it mean when we are “Believing In A Loving Universe”? Having a positive attitude and believing that there are forces on your side that will help you succeed and have a happy life certainly seems like a good thing.

Isn’t it just positive thinking?

At its root is a pagan philosophy that gives power to inanimate forces, while denying the Triune God.

Listen to this Audio of Allison Ricciardi on The Drew Mariani Show as they discuss that as harmless as it seems, this phrase is a gateway to a different worldview and way of thinking and an open door to trouble.


(Allison is first guest on radio program.)


Allison Ricciardi, LMHC
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