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The Ultimate Reality of Easter

by | Apr 4, 2015 | General

The glory of Easter morning! The horrific events of the crucifixion are eclipsed by joy, disbelief and astounding glory. He is risen. Truly risen. He has conquered death and with it, all sins that lead to death. We are saved. We are set free. It’s REALITY! The God who IS reality, “I AM” has told us, has proven Himself through His cross and resurrection.

We define mental illness, particularly psychosis, as not being in touch with reality: Paranoia that’s unfounded; seeing or hearing things that are not there; believing things that have no basis in fact. Unreasonable, unrelenting fear, hopelessness in spite of blessings in our lives define anxiety and depression- so rampant these days.

How many of us live in despair because of past sins, pain because of past hurts, anger because of past, or even present injustices? How many of us believe the lies of the evil one that tell us we’re no good, that we can’t be forgiven, that we can’t change the past and therefore are doomed for the future?

Lies. Lies we believe that hold us in chains- from the father of lies. Jesus is risen. He is the way, the TRUTH and the life. Easter is His testament to truth. Easter is His gift to YOU.

That’s the reality we need to get in touch with. It’s not simply an intellectual assent to this truth- most of us do that. Knowing something in fact is very different from living that fact in reality. That’s where we get into trouble and that’s where we sometimes need help. That’s where our emotions and our reason often fall out of sync.

No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, nail it to the cross and leave it there and rise in Christ to a new life of truth. Get in touch with REALITY HIMSELF. He came to save us from sin, our own and those committed against us, by His amazing, healing grace. He’s waiting to heal you.

Don’t waste another moment living the lie – rise to the truth!

Matthew West says it best:

Matthew West - Hello, My Name Is (Lyrics)


What is YOUR name? Claim it. Claim the joy. Live the glory!

Wishing you God’s ABUNDANT blessings this Easter! May it be for you a new life with a new name in truth and glory.

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