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Where is God in the Storms?

by | Sep 13, 2017 | General

We’re certainly living in a frightening time—with monster hurricanes, earthquakes, and wild fires consuming a good portion of our country. Where is God in all of this? How can He allow such terrible things to happen? It’s an age-old question and a great challenge to faith for many.

To understand today’s chaos, not only in nature but in politics and families, we need to go back to the very beginning. When Adam and Eve committed the Original Sin, all of nature was affected and thrown out of kilter. Relations between man and woman became strained. Before long envy, jealousy, and murder entered the scene. Even the ground was cursed in response to Adam’s sin. Their perfect paradise was no more.

So, if original sin affected all of creation, how do our subsequent sins affect things? We’re living through a storm on many levels. Is God punishing us? Not really. Our sins have done that. Sin is ultimately its own punishment. It may feel good momentarily but it always comes with a price.

We’re in a moral storm of epic proportions. And like Adam, we tend to blame others and even God when it all comes unglued. “The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit from the tree, and so, I ate it.” We don’t want God telling us what to do but we blame Him for the natural consequences when we do what He forbids.

So where do we find God in such storms? I assure you He is here. He may be sleeping in the boat or walking on the water. He may seem disinterested as he sleeps, uncaring, or even powerless as the storm rages. But only one Word from Him can calm it all.

When He walks toward us on the waves, we need to have the courage that Peter did to step out in faith and move toward Him. Where you focus at a time such as this makes all the difference in the world—quite literally.

Discouragement and fear will surely set in when you focus on the winds and the rain. Understanding the bigger picture will lead to hope. We’re not powerless. If sin is the cause of our troubles, repentance, and grace are the antidotes. Your sins may be big or they may seem small comparatively, but they weaken you, nonetheless.

As storms barrel toward us, and new storms form, we’re told to prepare. It’s surely a wise thing to do—stock up on water and food and reinforce your windows. But since these storms are manifestations of a spiritual battle that is raging, than enlisting spiritual weapons is equally, or actually more, important. Making a good confession is the best start. Even little sins can ensnare and weaken us and ripple out their effects to others. Bring them to the confessional–tossed into the abyss of God’s mercy. Pray more frequently. Pray the rosary especially. Even simple prayers, like Grace before meals with your kids, sets an important and powerful example and brings…well….graces.

And remember this, no matter how big or monstrous our sins, they remain tiny in comparison to God’s love and mercy. So, what that means is that when you confess your sins and let go of resentments and grudges and embark on a life of prayer, good works and charity, the graces you receive and bring into the world will overwhelm the sins around you. Grace is more powerful than sin. It’s the power of Jesus Christ.

Scripture reminds us that “all things work for good for those who love God”—not somethings, but ALL things, even, or maybe especially, the storms in life. But take note of that qualifier…for those who love God. Work on that relationship and no matter what, God will bring good to you in His perfect time.

Let us all unite in prayer. Love God. And believe in His love for you. Then trust, trust, trust…

Praying God’s blessings and protections over each and every one of you.

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