The Raphael Remedy
Anxiety, Fear & Anger

Ep. 53: Is Mental Illness Contagious?

We’ve seen our society breaking down with breathtaking speed and many are actually becoming mentally ill in various ways.

How can we counter all of the fear out there today and stay healthy mentally? We need to stay grounded in faith and turn to God. There’s a better era of peace coming…we just have to get through these rough times to get there.

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Ep. 36: Battling Fear and Anxiety During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We’ve been through a period of unprecedented fear and uncertainty in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s legitimate and everyone is experiencing it differently depending on their own circumstances.

We need to use discernment and be on guard against those who will exploit our fears to control or tempt us. Find time to be quiet and listen to God and that inner voice through which He speaks to us. God speaks in peace and gives hope. He remains in control—this hasn’t been suspended during this pandemic…and it never will be.

Be not afraid—God has a plan and will use this for good. Don’t let fear make your decisions—let faith prevail.

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