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Ep. 241 Detachment: What Is It, Why It Matters and How To Get It

by | Jun 19, 2024 | Anxiety, Fear & Anger

Today, we’re diving into the grace of detachment—what it is, why it matters, and most importantly, how to cultivate it. When we pray, we’re told to ask, seek, and knock, and we trust Jesus’ words on this. But what if we’re not ready for what we’re asking, or God has something better in store? Becoming too attached to our desired outcomes can lead to frustration.

I used to pray fervently for what I wanted without considering detachment, often ending up frustrated. Now, I understand that praying for the grace of detachment is essential. For example, if you’re struggling financially, you might pray to be wealthy or content in poverty. It’s tough, but necessary to reconcile this.

Detachment helps us accept that God might have a different timeline or plan. Whether it’s a relationship, a child, or another goal, we should want these good things but also trust God’s timing and wisdom. Pray every day for the grace of detachment, pour out your heart to God, and ask Him to open your heart to His will. This takes humility, acknowledging that God’s plan is greater than ours, which brings peace.

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