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Ep. 240 Are You Dealing With “What Is?” or “What Should Be?”

by | Jun 12, 2024 | Emotional Health & Healing

I have a question for you, Do you deal with life as it is or as you think it should be? I see a lot of frustration around us, and it often stems from our expectations not matching reality.

There’s plenty to be upset about in the world and in our personal lives, but finding peace comes from accepting things as they are. I’ll share some practical advice and personal insights on how to do just that. For instance, we all know someone who’s always late, right? Instead of getting frustrated, we can adjust our expectations and set boundaries.

Let’s also talk about setbacks and disappointments. While it’s natural to feel hurt, the sooner we accept our reality and focus on what we can control, the sooner we find peace. In times of distress, turning to faith and seeking support from a Catholic therapist can provide a divine perspective and help us see how God’s plan is working through our challenges.

Join me as we explore how to embrace life as it is, find strength in faith, and reduce frustration by letting go of how we think things should be. Tune in and let’s find peace together. God bless you.

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