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Movie Therapy

{tab=What is Movie Therapy?}

Movie therapy is a fun and exciting form of group therapy offered at St. Raphael Counseling. Using various movies of the past and present, participants can:

  • Learn as you identify with the characters and storylines.
  • Receive valuable tools on how to help make your life more fulfilling and meaningful.
  • Learn from interacting with others. You are not alone.

{tab=Why Does Movie Therapy Work?}

  • Movies serve as excellent icebreakers. It’s easier to talk about the characters than ourselves until we begin to feel more comfortable.
  • Think about it… we don’t just watch a movie… we enter into the experience of the movie. As a result we might feel a variety of emotions which can be cathartic and helpful in bringing about healing.
  • The characters and story lines serve as wonderful examples in learning about the topic of the session.
  • Movies can offer new insight as we relate to the characters and story lines and share about this in the group setting.

{tab=What Past Participants Have Said}

  • “The groups have helped me in freeing me of the chains that have been holding me from being my authentic self.”
  • “Participating in group has brought me to a place where I can finally accept responsibility and provided me with the tools to work toward changing.
  • “I was hesitant at first to join a group but I was at ease the first day. It was a great and helpful experience.”
  • “I started this group with no voice and have learned some tools to help me have a voice. Also, I realized coming to this group, how much I missed God and the Church.”
  • “Although it is scary to see myself in new ways, the positivity of the group has given me the strength I need to make necessary changes in my life.”
  • “The therapy is communicative, interactive and Faith driven… all necessary tools for successful healing.”
  • “The program is well crafted, inventive and a terrific way to get you thinking and feeling in a healthy and spiritual direction.”
  • “Using movies as a tool to explain dysfunctional family roles and co-dependency was perfect.”

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If you’re interested in joining our future movie therapy sessions, please sign up here.


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